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Protection Officer


Practical experiences


Minimum of 2 years’ experience in a similar role and responsibility.

In depth knowledge of protection, GBV/SGBV, child protection and psycho-social principles.

Experience of working with affected communities, vulnerable groups and cases.

Demonstrated experience in field work planning, implementing and monitoring with full consideration of humanitarian principles, gender, protection, safeguarding and safe programming.

Experience in implementation of psycho-social, awareness and community mobilization activities.

Experience of creating work plans and tracking progress.

Proven experience in providing weekly and monthly reports.

Ability to conduct and write up clear assessments’ reports.

Previous experience of liaising with related local authorities and community leaders.

Demonstrated knowledge of building psychological assessment tools and forms through excellent analytical concept.

Demonstrated knowledge of data collection, entry, analysis and reporting.

Demonstrated knowledge of maintain a reliable MEAL activity.

Experience of working in teams and coordinating with project/program personnel located in distant offices.

Demonstrated experience in capturing learning and documenting lessons learned.


Language Requirement

–   Excellent in English (verbal and written).

Duty station / work location

PEF offices in Gaza and Rafah based on work requirements

Main responsibilities

1. Support Core protection activities include, but are not limited to, protection assessments, protection monitoring, case management and protection referrals.
2. Ensure – through clear weekly and monthly work plans – protection monitoring, field assessments, community-based activities, and awareness raising activities, are carried out in a timely, effective and technically sound manner.
3. Supervise the conduct of KIIs, FGDs and facilitate participatory protection assessment – applying the Age disaggregation and Gender Mainstreaming approach – to fully understand the individuals and groups’ needs, their protection concerns and priorities, and the resources available to them.
4. Support the collection of information/data about vulnerability, protection needs and concerns of the targeted population.
5. Ensure that the above-described protection information gathering, sharing and filing are done in accordance with agreed information management system that respects the dignity and ensure the confidentiality of the information source.
6. Receive and follow up on both internal and external referrals for protection assistance.
7. Act as focal point for the identification and referral of Vulnerable Individuals and People with Specific Protection Needs for adequate assistance according to pre-defined criteria and protection cluster referral criteria.
8. Manage individual protection cases, including maintaining strict protocols for confidentiality and consent.
9. Update case files on individual developments, following SOPs and ensuring beneficiaries’ data are protected.
10. Conduct follow-up monitoring visits to ensure that needs have been met in an appropriate manner and beneficiary have the opportunity to provide feedback on the assistance received.
11. Ensure dissemination of clear and reliable information on service provision and other preselected key topics.
12. Contribute to the establishment/maintenance of a referral pathway, respectful of the confidentiality principle and PEF’s SOPs.
13. Deliver regular technical protection trainings on thematic areas including protection and humanitarian principles, introduction to protection, protection mainstreaming, PSEA, and GBV to PEF’s staff.
14. Supervise and coordinate the organization and implementation of community-based activities, especially socio-recreational, life-skills and awareness raising activities, with special emphasis on extremely vulnerable individuals and people with specific needs, with the aim of improving their psychosocial well-being.
15. Support the design and development of technical protection interventions targeting at risk and vulnerable populations, including by managing protection assessments where appropriate.
16. Ensure gender and protection are mainstreamed during the implementation of protection activities.
17. Conduct household visits to vulnerable families and complete protection monitoring questionnaires
18. Prepare and submit activity plans and reports to the Programs manager/Executive manager on agreed schedules.
19. Provide verbal and written feedback to supervisor on progress, lesson learnt, achievements and gaps, issues and problems.
20. Keep a database of the number of beneficiaries per activity in each location, disaggregated by sex.
21. Liaise with relevant public authorities, Protection cluster and service providers in order to foster effective collaboration and encourage national interest and ownership in protection of targeted communities and other persons of concern.
22. Conduct duties in accordance with PEF’s programming and protection Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).
23. Conduct duties in strict accordance with PEF’s Code of Conduct and the principle of confidentiality.
24. Maintain and promote a positive image of PEF and its activities by explaining what PEF is doing and why PEF operates in that way.
1. Other duties as required.
2. You may, occasionally, be required to work on weekends and/or public holidays, for which time off in lieu will be granted.

Competencies and skills


  • Demonstrates integrity by modeling the PEF’s values and ethical standards.
  • Promotes the vision, mission, and strategic goals of the PEF.
  • Displays cultural, gender, religion, race, nationality and age sensitivity and adaptability.
  • Practices the principles of fair treatment and no harm.


  • Conceptual flexibility
  • Logical /Critical thinker
  • Interpersonal sensitivity
  • Friendly attitude
  • Result-oriented approach
  • Team player

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