Project to improve the quality of water supplied in Rafah – Gaza Strip

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Project to improve the quality of water supplied in Rafah – Gaza Strip

. Reduce food insecurity and meet humanitarian needs in the Gaza Strip.


31/2015 Project Number /


Project start date: 15/03/2015


Project Closing Date: 14/07/2015


Total project budget in dollars: 77230


Islamic Aid Organizatio


Project background: –


The project aims to meet the urgent needs of foodstuffs and hygiene kits for families affected by the recent war on the Gaza Strip and the winter storm by targeting 1200 families affected by the Israeli attack on the Gaza Strip in 2014 to meet the basic needs of foodstuffs.


And targeting 200 families affected by the winter storm on the Gaza Strip in 2015 to meet the basic needs of the health item to deal with the difficult situation and those affected by the floods in the last storm.


Project goals:-


  1. The project targets the winter storm category in both the Gemayzeh area of ​​Rafah and the tunnel area in Gaza through the distribution of health parcels and cleaning materials to 250 families in both regions through the application of selection criteria and accreditation of local committees formed in the regions.


2- Distribution of food baskets for 1316 families who were in the worst cases of poverty in all governorates of Gaza in coordination with the Ministry of Social Affairs in order to provide us with the names of beneficiaries of the project




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