Palestinian Environmental Law

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Palestinian Environmental Law

As a result of its early warning of the protection and cleanliness of the environment and the preservation of resources, the Palestinian National Authority issued a number of legislation relating to the protection of the environment as a human right and as a pillar of sustainable development in Palestinian society.

Article 33 of the Palestinian Basic Law stipulates that:

(A clean, balanced environment is a human right, and the preservation and protection of the Palestinian environment for generations and the future is a national responsibility).

In the text of the article, it is clear that the Palestinian legislator has fully understood the importance of a clean and balanced environment for human life. A clean environment means a person who does not suffer from communicable diseases or that can result from environmental issues.

The proposed Palestinian Constitution contains a clear text on the environment and its importance to human life and the future. Article 15 of the Constitution states as follows:

(Balanced environment is a goal the state seeks to achieve, and the preservation of the environment, the responsibility of the state and society, and the violation is under the law)

The Palestinian National Authority paid great attention to the environment, and for that I issued

Law No. 7 of 1999 concerning the environment

The objectives set out in this law are a great ambition for environmental protection workers if they are to be achieved.

-Protect the environment from pollution in all its forms.

Protection of public health and welfare-.


–Introduce the foundations of environmental protection in economic and social development plans and promote sustainable development.

-Encourage the collection and dissemination of various environmental information and increase public awareness of environmental problems.

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